Wednesday, 18 September 2013

[K-POPHOTNESS BATTLE] Hottest Comeback of The Month - August

Hello September! Another month has end, so another battle will start! As usual, every end of the month we will start a KPOPHOTNESS BATTLE for you to vote for the hottest comeback on that month. In August, we saw a lot of comebacks of new groups and a solo comeback by Seungri. For this time around, the battle is between B.A.P, EXO, HISTORY, Nu'est, Seungri, Tasty, TEENTOP and ZE:A.

Vote for the group you think had the hottest comeback among the others. You can vote for TWO groups each time you vote, and you can vote ONCE per hour. Votings start now and will end on 15th September 2013.

[POLL CLOSED!] The winner for August was EXO with Growl!!!

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