Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tried To Walk Review

B1A4 is one of my favourite group, so i think i need to make review for their comeback. This is just my point of view about the video. I just watched B1A4’s new MV, Tried To Walk like 10 times, because the video was just so beautiful.

So basically, at the beginning of the MV, Baro’s girlfriend died, so she walked away from Baro going to the other world (heaven). Then, there was 2 side of Baro, one with a brighter scene and the other one showing how down and sad Baro is.

Then video goes on showing Baro walking, with a rose and the other with a ring.I think the scene where he was walking all the way through many paths is the symbolic of the song “Tried To Walk”, showing that he is trying his hardest tot walk after the death of his beloved girlfriend, or maybe it is just him reminiscing the past. I’m not sure. Suddenly, Baro was hit by a car and died

So after he died, he than manage to enter the other world. I don’t really understande this part, but in my oppinion, I THINK this part shows that one met in Heaven and one in Hell. You can see the surrounding

You can see the skulls and how lonely the Hell is.
You can see two angles in the Heaven.
Then one side of him (in Hell) was left by the girl and the other one was being accepted back.  So i think what i can say is this song has a happy AND sad ending. Poor Baro. 
And for the song, I LOVE how there is NO english used in this song. Because as we all know from their previous songs, their English is so bad. So no matter it is fully in Korean, as long as it sounds amazing that it is ok. One more thing, Baro is so awesome in this song. I think this is the first time he is singing, right? And the rap part is also sexy. Baro’s rap in this song is something that i can only here from BIGBANG. So, overall i think this comeback is something worth waiting for. ^_^
To watch the full video, click HERE!

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