Monday, 26 November 2012

SHINee 1000 Years Always Be By My Side MV REVIEW

SHINee just released their newest Japanese single, “1000 Years Always Be By My Side” Music Video. There are MANY reasons why i loved this song. FIRSTLY, because I love SHINee. 2nd, it is a ballad. 3rd, because the title is interesting. 4th, it is NOT inside a box. So, here is what I understand behind SHINee’s new MV.

The video starts with Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin waiting for a bus.

The SHINee boys are what we call the ‘God of Death’ (maybe) that takes the souls that have died, into a bus and bring them away.

They realised someone is still missing, a soul that should be on the bus is still not there. They opened a page with a picture of family consist of Father, Mother and Son.

The Son was diagnosed with a disease, and might lead him to death. So his parents was really sad of that news. The Father tried his best to save his son and make him happy while those God of Death wait until the time comes to take the dead soul.

The Father then decided to open a box that is filled with balloons, and manage to make his son and even the Gods of Death happy. Hahaha..

As the video goes on, it SUDDENLY revealed that the person that the Gods of Death is waiting was actually the Father, not the Son.

Then it revealed that Father was actually died few years back and that the God of Death was not waiting for the Son, but the Father himself.

So the Father was actually dead from the beginning of the video. The person that was there with Mother and Son was actually Father’s soul. That’s why when Father tried to make Son happy, the Son didn’t even notice him. 

I liked the idea on making us thought that the Gods of Death are waiting to take the Son, but actually they’re waiting for the Father. The song is really nice too. This is the first ballad from SHINee that become a single so I was really anticipating this. I’m happy it turned out really well. #1000YearsWithSHINee :’)

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