Friday, 9 November 2012

Full House Take 2 REVIEW

To be honest, i never watch the original Full House where Rain was the lead actor. But i tried to watch Full House Take 2, and you know what, I AM SO ADDICTED! Can't wait for the new episode this Monday. This drama is currently airing at SBS Plus every Monday to Thursday.

     I can't really compare which one is better as I didn't watch the first one but trust me, Full House Take 2 is really good and refreshing. To start all this, here was what caught my attention in EPISODE 1.

   YES! There is a kiss scene between guys. Those 2 guys are the lead actors, No Min Woo as Lee Tae Ik and Park Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi. They both form a duo called Take One. 
Lee Tae Ik sleeping
Won Kang Hwi sleeping
They even look good while sleeping. >.< 

      I think i can't tell much about this story because it will only be a spoiler, and I hate to make spoiler to my readers but what i can tell you about this story is, BASICALLY it's a reality that fans want to see. The story behind an entertainment company, about a President that only thinks of power, the idols that actually only acts as a puppet under one company, about bromance of idol created by fans. THIS IS WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO SEE. I can feel that this is actually what's happening behind the scene of majority of the entertaiment company out there, being revealed intelligently.

     Here are some cuts from the drama that might make u guys want to watch it. 

Remember, this is ONLY until EPISODE 6, there are lots more episode to go. So try watching it! You can watch it online here Full House Take 2 with subs. ENJOY! ^^

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