Monday, 22 October 2012

HyunA's BACK! + [REVIEW]

4MINUTE's HyunA is now back with her solo comeback through the release of her new mini-album, "Melting" that consist of five tracks, Don't Fall Apart, Unripe Apple, To My Boyfriend, Very Hot and the title track, "Ice Cream". Watch Ice Cream's official Music Video below.

    Ice Cream sounds so much better than HyunA's first single, Bubble Pop. However, as I listen to the other songs in Melting, I am more attracted to the track Unripe Apple and To My Boyfriend. Unripe Apple is more fun to hear compared to Ice Cream. HyunA also sounds more matured in this song. The fast beat plus with  BToB's Ilhoon's rap made the song stuck in my mind instantly. Try listening to it below.

  For the track To My Boyfriend, if you want something different from HyunA, you MUST listen to this song. It is a ballad that HyunA herself took part in making the song. Her voice sounds totally different, no rap, no sexy sound (ahhh, ooohh), totally pure vocals only. And her vocal is GOOD.   

You can listen to all of her tracks here. Enjoy!

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